ABCD: Ab Bas Chalo Dekhne

As soon as the movie got over, the first line that I heard was, “Kal ki tickets bhi le lete hain.” As I turned to look at the speaker, I was not at all surprised to see the girl in her early teens instructing her bunch of friends. I watched the release day evening show of the movie ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) and since the film doesn’t boast of a big star cast, was thrilled to see the movie hall almost full. The only two recognisable actors in the film are Prabhudeva and Kay Kay Menon. Notably the crowd was a motley mix of teenagers, elderly and people like me, who are neither too young nor too old.

The movie has a linear plot where the virtuous poor guy challenges the rich bad guy and comes out victorious overcoming all odds. The medium of the challenge is dance and this is where the movie attains exceptional heights. It was expected that the film would have some great dance sequences as it features arguably India’s best dancer in the contemporary/Western dance form along with the winners of a hugely popular dance reality show and is directed by a great choreographer Remo D’souza. It is apparent that Remo has picked certain nuances of the movie from his own life, even the name of the bad guy’s dance studio (Jehangir Dance Company) and the dance form he chooses to embrace after shunning Prabhudeva hints at a popular choreographer. However, the characters, their names and some of the caricaturing is to merely evince audience interest and establish a connection.

The idea of making the movie in 3D is a masterstroke as 3D works best in the action and animation genre and this being an action oriented film (you can’t just sit and dance, can you?) the visual effects are magnified due to the use of 3D. The actors, or rather the dancers, can also act and are definitely not an eye sore as compared to good-looking wooden models, some of whom are amongst the highest paid actors in the country.

The somersaults, B boying, head spins are all borrowed from the West but the electrifying effect they create during the climax performance on Ganesh Vandana gave me goose bumps. The dance sequences are great and though I am not competent on their technical aspect, to a non-dancer like me, they just looked out of the world.

The film is expected to find a strong resonance with the younger generation as it gives a clear message just like 3Idiots did that one should follow one’s heart rather than buckle under parental pressure in making a career choice. It is a well-made entertaining film… ab bas chalo dekhne 🙂

One Reply to “ABCD: Ab Bas Chalo Dekhne”

  1. Can understand why you could associate with the movie- “one should follow one’s heart rather than buckle under parental pressure in making a career choice.” It is time for you to follow your heart 🙂

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