Hrithik is Kaabil of surprising you

Having watched Mohenjo Daro on the day of its release on the insistence of dear Wife I was almost sure to not watch Kaabil and rather “Raees” up to the charm of SRK. But thanks to the persuasive skills of my better half, I ended up watching the Hrithik Roshan starrer today and I must admit that I am indeed bowled over by his skills as an actor. Considering that his earlier outing as an actor failed so miserably, I did not have much hopes from this one, but the plot, the dialogues and the mind blowing acting of HRX (yes, that’s his brand too which he religiously promoted through out the movie) made my Republic Day afternoon.

The revenge drama reminded me of Badlapur  (co-incidentally Yami Gautam featured in that film too) but Kaabil is not just about revenge but has interesting and intelligent story angles that help a visually impaired protagonist turn into a killing machine. The film has some plot lines similar to that of some foreign films but who cares when HRX is in such a good form. This film will surely lift the gloom over his personal and professional life which have been at the centre of gossips in tabloids.

Being an SRK fan since my adolescent days, I eagerly wanted to watch his film but I am happy that I didn’t and adhered to my Wife’s choice (surely, I didn’t have a choice there, but anyways). In this film, Hrithik is surely Kaabil of surprising you.  Go for it.


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